The LPG - Le Petit Gourmet is a food industry with over 20 years of market operations also in the personalization sector of snacks kits and lunch kits. We have over 7,000 m2 of factory area, and state of art equipment that allow a production on large scale, in addition to logistics service that caters to the entire national territory. We also have professionals from different areas such as: Food Engineering, nutrition, Logistics, Marketing, Commercial, Technical food and highly trained professionals in the production area. All this structure seeks to bring the best and most creative ways to meet the needs of our customers.

Snacks kits and lunch kits offers the opportunity to be used as a marketing tool, adding value to promotional activities, training, events or specific actions of our customers. For, while delivering its contents, marks also function as fixing tool and sales promotional media. Our team develops packaging and composition of its kit, as needed.


Air Traffic, Road, Insurance, Banks, Hospitals, Advertising Agencies, Major Events (Marathons, Racing etc ...), Automotive, Fairs, Schools, Universities, Training, Private Sector and Public Enterprises, Examinations laboratories etc...


We have a constant concern with the environment, and to meet this demand, all our packages are recycled.

(Practical and Protection)

(Safety and inviolability assurance)

(Low Cost and Agility)

(standard market sizes)

(Ecological option)

(recyclable option)

(Ecological option)

(Varying formats
and Customizable)


Prepared under the guidance of nutritionists to meet the needs of each client, its composition is based on nonperishable food, for this reason, its great competitive advantage is precisely the shelf life, which can reach up to 04 months. Another difference we offer is the customization of the kit packaging, with the art that the client desired (Examples: promotional campaigns, social, corporate actions, cultural activities etc.) Our of Marketing and Design team can assist in this design stage, if necessary .

* Delivery nationwide.

Good Morning Kit

The Breakfast Kit comes on top of the importance list, as one of the main meals of the day. It is essential for maintaining a healthy weight because it reduces hunger in subsequent meals, and improve cognitive and mental development in daily activities.

The Up Kit provides in its composition, delicious and nutritious snack options with cold. Prepared with select ingredients, to the highest quality standards. The snacks are carefully assembled and packed in BOPP film (non-toxic) the Flow-Pack and Modified Atmosphere system, thus ensuring its integrity and quality.


Handling and Distribution

LPG has a trained team and industrial structure especially assembled to maximize production and ensure quality of the handling service. This unique service aims to meet customers that require finishing operations, fractionation, assembly, distribution and logistics.

How it works?

We collect or receive the items that will be part of the promotional kit or items that require some sort of separation or handling.Then we separate, pack, identify and distribute to the addresses that the customer needs. This service is not restricted to the items of promotional kit, we realize this handling for any item of your need.

Examples: Kits Snacks - Lunch Kits - Promotional Kits - Gifts - Communication Equipment - Social Actions, etc.

Please contact our team, make a quote and be surprised with all the facilities!